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Kirikiroid2 - Android port of Kirikiri2=======================================Kirikiroid2 lets you play some of your private backup games of legally on Android.Doujin developers could also use it to test the kirikiri2 game on Android withoutrewrite any code/scenario (if your game do not use any custom plugin).
We do not provide any game or commercial content, please do not ask us for that.
Kirikiroid2 implement most features of original Kirikiri2 but:
- No external plugin module (or may be in the future?), only hard-coded internal plugin module- No CD-Player and MIDI playback, all request will ignored and no exception will be thrown- No font/file select window, control center, script/pad editor, and so on...- No mouse cursor- No text input
And some additional feature:
- Execute "patch.tjs" before "startup.tjs", if it exists- Execute "RegisterData.tjs" for emulate Windows Register- Use "xp3filter.tjs" for decoding crypted xp3 archive, see the demo for detail- Use the fantastic libavcodec media library for decoding video/audio, you can play almost every video/audio that ffmpeg supported, just your CPU is strong enough- You can choose OpenGL ES2 renderer instead of original software renderer, save more battery and keep cool, play smoother, but it cost more memory, and not as such compatible as software renderer :(
------- Usage -------
Copy the whole game data to sdcard or internal storage, run Kirikiroid2, pickupdata.xp3, or somename.exe if no data.xp3. The Options in Global Option menu will affect all your game, and In-Game Menu isthe game script registered functions, it will only worked in that one game. There hasno per-game option so far.
-------- Notice --------
Most of commercial games use custom extension plugins, and most of those cannotplay under Kirikiroid2. You can login our bbs: and leave your messageabout your game, we may implement it in the future version.
Plugins available:- extrans [only works under software rendering]- csvParser- fstat- getSample- layerExImage [software render only]- layerExBTOA [software render only]- layerExRaster [software render only]- saveStruct- scriptsEx- shrinkCopy [software render only]- PSBFile [beta]
----------- Changelog -----------
Version 1.0.0:- First release